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Sorrento ferry

Sorrento ferry - fast and nice

Sorrento ferry is foranyone. If you're of an adventurous frame of mind, and have time to spare, you can revert to the mode of transportation that islanders used before the advent of air travel: Sorrento ferry and the traditional mailboats.

Although fast, modern, air-conditioned Sorrento ferry now make some of the trips, some of the more remote destinations are still served by slow, old-fashioned craft with few amenities. Within the $loc ferry, it has the most, and most comfortable, options for island-hopping, that offer food and beverages served by cabin attendants.


ferry ads

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Sorrento ferry advices

As with most things in the Sorrento, schedules do change rather frequently; if you're planning to Sorrento ferry back to an island check and double-check the departure times, and build in extra time in case the weather's bad.

Sorrento ferry serve most of the major tourist destinations from Sorrento. The ferry costs around $110 one-way, and takes about two hours each way.

Usually, the shorter-haul ferry makes several round-trips daily, and keep a more punctual schedule than the longer-haul ferry.



Other about Sorrento  

Sorrento ferry - a good transportation choice

Naples offers a wide array of boat, ferry (traghetto), hydrofoil (aliscafo), and steamer services to the islands in the Bay of Naples and to the Sorrentine peninsula across the bay. Most leave from the Molo Beverello, the dock just off Piazza Municipio in Naples, opposite the Castel Nuovo. More hydrofoils depart for Sorrento and Capri from the Mergellina harbour (a short walk from the Mergellina train station), west of the Villa Comunale and about 1,5 km/1 mi to the west of Piazza Municipio. Hydrofoil service is generally twice as fast as ferries and double the price. Service is considerably more frequent during the summer months. Ferry services run from Naples to local (and more distant) island destinations, as well as to other ports around the Bay of Naples and the Sorrento peninsular. Major destinations are Ischia, Procida, Capri and Sorrento. You can generally obtain ferry timetables in advance from the various companies' websites, but services - especially in the summer months - to Ischia and Capri are frequent and you can simply turn up at Molo Beverello in Naples, buy your ticket and take the next service. Services range from speedy hydrofoils to slow car ferries, with prices that range correspondingly. Ferries depart from two ports in Naples: Molo Beverello and Mergellina. If you are travelling to Ischia by public transport from the direction of Rome, it may be quicker to take the Eurostar train (faster and more expensive: book it in advance as it's a busy service) which stops at Mergellina. You can walk to the port (around 200m) and take a hydrofoil there. Beverello is the principal port for ferries, and it is fairly straightforward to reach from the main Naples train station, Stazione Centrale. Alilauro look after their clients before they even board their hydrofoils, throughout their journey and especially during their stay at their chosen destination. Ischia, Capri, Naples, Sorrento, Aeolian and Pontine Islands, Anzio. Alilauro, operating in the maritime transport sector for over 50 years, currently is the leader of a business holding steady in the espansione.Grazie great experience in maritime transport fast, we are able to respond to the need for efficient and comfortable connections on the islands and location is a tourist destination, where organized its services with the knowledge to build a virtual bridge to the mainland and a professionalism that we can meet the needs of all travelers.

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